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STOMACH CANCER ADVOCACY -how you can help! Its easy!!


Thank you so much for agreeing to help with Stomach Cancer Advocacy. This means so much to so many and to THE NIERMEYER family personally. Because of research we hope to save lives!

Many of you live in Naperville and have either Roskam or Foster as your rep. For the others to find out your representative simply text your zip code to 1-520-200-2223 and it will tell you. Then change the name! Or go to (sample below). I also attached the sample links to the Representatives emails below which works for them all!

The emails /addresses for Roskam and Foster are below. I am happy to look up the info for my out of town friends! Letters go thru a 2 week security testing and are slow so please act fa

Rep Peter Roskam

2246 Rayburn Bldg

Washington DC 20515

Rep Bill Foster

1224 Longworth Bldg

Washington DC 20515

 Dear Congressman,

I am writing to ask for your support for two very important ways that you can help stomach cancer patients from your district. As you may know, stomach cancer is a deadly disease, and one that is rising in young people. I know of many people from your district who have died from or are battling this disease. Will you help us make scientific progress so that we can have the hope of a cure for stomach cancer?
There are two ways you can help:
1) Sign the Ros-Lehtinen/Frankel letter to the Appropriations Committee asking to maintain stomach cancer as an eligible cancer for research funding under the Department of Defense's Peer Reviewed Cancer Research Program.
2) Ask the Appropriations Committee to encourage, as part of report language to the FY 2018 Labor-Health and Human Services-Education Bill, the National Cancer Institute to develop a scientific framework for stomach cancer research.
If you can help us in these two ways, stomach cancer researchers can make necessary progress to enrich the foundational knowledge about stomach cancer. We know this will help them be able to successfully compete for more grant funding that will make a cure for stomach cancer possible.

                                      Thank you so much for your help and support!!


If you prefer to email here are the addresses to copy and paste for Foster and Roskam- just insert your rep name if you aren't in this area! You just have to know your ZIPCODE AND THE FOUR DIGITS!









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